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February, March По джунглям Борнео: Малайзия и Бруней от $1 290 Active set of groups
Любые даты по запросу Индия. Золотой Треугольник 5*. Luxury путешествие за 6 дней. от $1 275
Aug. Sept North India Tour: Amritsar to Rishikesh in 13 Days from $1 390 The set is open
с 4 и 15 июня 2023 Тур в Исландию в июне. Большой круг за 10 дней. от €2 350 Enrollment is active
с Июня по Сентябрь Путешествие на остров Итуруп (Курилы) 44 900 ₽ Active set of groups
from May to September Travel Kuril Islands: Kunashir and Iturup от 129 000 ₽ Active set of groups
October 15, 2022 Grand Anatolia Tour: Ankara, Mesopotamia, and Cappadocia от €1 220 Active set of groups
c Июня по Сентябрь Journey to Sakhalin and the Kuriles (Kunashir, Iturup) от 145 500 ₽ Active set of groups
c Ноября по Апрель Весь Вьетнам с Севера на Юг $1 550 Active set of groups
October 15, 2022 Turkey: traveling through Mesopotamia от €925 Active set of groups
Май, Октябрь Turkey: Ankara and Cappadocia от €390 Active set of groups
Новогодние каникулы Путешествие во Вьетнам за 12 дней от $1 020 Active set of groups
Январь Авторский тур: Весь Вьетнам за 14 дней от $1 190 Active set of groups
from May to October Turkey: Istanbul and Cappadocia from €660 Individual service
Апрель-Май, Сентябрь-Октябрь Узбекистан: от Хивы до Ташкента от $850 Active set of groups
May Another Turkey: Ararat and Mesopotamia from €990 The set is open
Any dates The whole of Cappadocia in 3 days от €390 The set is open
May, June, September Travel to Georgia in 5 days from $465 The set is open
from February to May Sri Lanka Travel: the whole island in 11 days from $990 6 out of 10 seats are free
May, June, September Travel to Armenia in 6 days $625 The set is open

Most Popular Questions

What is an Author's tour?

The Author's tour from Travel123 means that all tour program is thought out by us in advance. Especially for this, we select the most interesting places and directions, take care of your accommodation, transport and meals in advance. Author's tours assume much more activity than regular package tours with accommodation in one hotel. As a rule, they pass through several cities or even countries at once, which allows you to see many sights in a short time, see countries and their people much closer than just from the hotel’s window and get really exciting impressions from traveling to other countries.

What is an Excursion tour?

An Excursion tour is a tour in which you can visit a large number of important cultural and historical places. Since our tours are Author’s tours also, you can expect not only visiting of museums, main attractions, but also places that tourist’s mainstream miss on regular tours. With Travel123’s tours, you will travel by various types of local transport, gather for dinner in a homely atmosphere, do active sports, have time to relax on the beach, and also visit little-known places that ordinary tourists do not reach. Often, Excursion tours also include local customs and events, for example, in the autumn tour of Armenia and Georgia, you will be taken to the grape harvesting and wine tasting, and in the New Year, many interesting local traditions will await you. Well, if your birthday will fall on our trip, then we will definitely celebrate it with you and will prepare a surprise.

What is a Group tour?

A group tour means that we collect a group of people who want to travel. Yes, you can gather your group of 6-8 people and contact our company to order a tour. But not everyone can gather so many friends at one time, so we gather in groups and those who travel alone, couples, families or just small groups of friends. For us, it doesn’t matter what city you are from, the whole group arrives in the city of the beginning of the trip with their own route (which we can help you choose), everyone is met by our Russian-speaking guide, so you can safely join us, even if you go alone. In the company of like-minded people, it will be more interesting for you and you will have someone to discuss your impressions of the trip with. All individual wishes are also discussed)

What does a tour with a Russian-speaking guide mean?

All the trip with you will be our experienced guides, often part-time photographers. They will not only meet you at the airport and tell you about interesting places, but will also help you throughout the trip if you have any problems or additional requests. Also for those who do not know English, communication in a foreign country can cause a problem, and with a guide this problem is solved automatically. Our tour program is subject to change depending on the conditions in the country or any circumstances. There are times when, for example, it rains in the country at this time and you need to take into account the flooded areas. Thanks to the guide, you do not have to worry about this, we will organize everything and change the route if possible or necessary. After all, a journey is a journey to get different impressions and enjoy the exploration of another country.



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